A tribute to Michelle Bruheim

Eulogy from Jens Hammerschmidt - Queen fan and friend

My name is Jens Hammerschmidt and I travelled together with Michelle to a lot of concerts on the Queen and Paul Rodgers Tour this spring and summer, I will talk shortly about Michelles reasons to give up so much in her life, to follow a rock group through Europe.

The first time I met Michelle was in Munich at the Backstage Entry of the arena were the Concert was that night. Around Michelle was a big crowd of people, who had questions about the band and about their new frontman Paul Rodgers. But most of the people were asking why she was doing that and why giving up so much? Her school and the loan and all other things. I talked with her too and I was fascinated by her energy and determination to do all that.

Many People did not understand why she did that. But the answer was simple. Michelle lived her dream. And for her it was clear that you must sometimes give up things to win other more important things! You must work hard on yourself to have a fun and fulfilling life. Nobody gives that to you. She knew that and worked very hard on herself and worked very hard to follow her dreams! How many people do that! How many of us have this energy?

"Michelle was born in 1986 - the year that Queen played their final concert with Freddie Mercury. She lived with the dream of one day seeing the band perform live again. A dream that many people thought would not come true. She was sadly taken from us in 2005 - the year that Queen returned to the stage with Paul Rodgers. Her life spanned the 19 years when Queen were not touring. But her dream came true."

The tour was Michelles dream! And it was the time of her life!

I think that when we look back on our own lives, we understand that her way was right! And we will all try a little bit more to follow our own dreams! Now we all wear a big part of Michelle in our hearts and have a part of her positive energy in us!

Thank you so much Michelle

We all miss you!

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