A tribute to Michelle Bruheim

Eulogy from Jamie Schuster - Queen fan and friend

My name is Jamie Schuster and I come from California.

I remember everyone would always ask Michelle what her parents thought of what she was doing - going around the world - and she would always reply, 'My parents are happy because I'm happy' And now, I've come to see that is very true. I've traveled around quite a lot since I saw Michelle in Dublin, and everytime I was on my own and feeling particularly vulnerable, I would daydream about bumping into her. I think it was partly because it seemed most plausible to run into her in a random country - moreso than anyone else I know.

It was such a relief to find her in the railway station in Cardiff. We were both buying tickets, and then we went to lunch. It was nice to be able to spend our day off in Sheffield together, I didn't have to spend it all by myself in an unfamiliar city. That's another reason probably why I hoped to meet her in various places, because she made me feel all right and not alone in a big city.

Memories are what make death hard to accept. since we have memories, no one truly dies, leaving us in a sort of uncomfortable place between reality and the past. Though, as with every person, we have good times and bad times, it is important right now to remember the good times, because they are what's important.

So Goodbye Michelle, I will always love you - or as Freddie always said, "I still love you" and as you and Brian like to say, "keep yourself alive."

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