A tribute to Michelle Bruheim

Michelle's Dad's Eulogy

My dear, precious princess. It hurts so deeply to lose you. I had looked so forward to seeing you bring home your first boyfriend - and maybe becoming a mother. There's so much you should have done and will now never get a chance to do. We are going to miss you terribly and will carry you in our hearts for the rest of our lives. We are going to remember what a pretty, sweet, young girl you were. You had love for your whole family and you loved (especially) small children, older people, animals and people who were less priviliged. You were incredibly intelligent and full of a lust for life that we will always remember. To see the joy in your face when you were swimming, joking with somebody or happily reminiscing about your experiences with Queen and the other members of your "rock family" brought joy to my heart. That joy will remain there forever. What impressed the most is the courage and determination you showed in turning your life around. From being in a desparate situation during your teen years you worked, worked and worked yourself out of that deep, dark, hole and blossomed into a vital, happy, determined and wonderful, loving young woman. Your stepmother Ann-Kathrin had so looked forward to spending more time with the daughter that she had never had and you bringing grandchildren into the house.

Besides your ability to do the seemingly impossible and travel around the world to all your Queen concerts, your most impressive feat was the way you took to the piano and eventually played at a “concert-pianist level” just two years after you learned your first chords. Listening to you play Moonlight Sonata and Rachmaninov Prelude in C sharp is something I will never forget and brought tears to my eyes every time.

Some of my favourite memories with you:

Also to be mentioned:

The most profound words of wisdom sometimes come from unexpected people. At your Canadian memorial your angelic and reflective little cousin Nona (8 years) said something like: “Well, I believe Michelle is like a favourite sock lost in the dryer… Although we can’t find you we know you are there”.

Michelle - You will forever be in our hearts.

Your ever-loving father, Ann-Kathrin and brother Marius.

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