A tribute to Michelle Bruheim

From Michelle's family

A letter from Michelle's mother, Elisabeth (26 August 2005)

I am Michelle's mother and I just want to thank you all. All of you have been a special part of Michelles life! She touched so many people out there. It is amazing. Unbelievable.. And now I also do understand so much how much the Queenfamily meant for her. So much love and caring- just like Michelle. It helped her through a though part of her life-and gave her so much happiness.

I was so totally broken, when we got the message about what had happened to her. I do not understand why she had to go so early- she had so much to give and do. Michelle left my home that morning - I drove her to the train because she had to go to Oslo, and she was so happy. She finally got the job she really wanted- music was her life- and during her last night she had made up so many plans for her life. She was so satisfied- a big warming smile!

I am still very sad that she will never be able to fulfill all her dreams. There was so many places she wanted to go- so many people she wanted to meet…So many things she wanted to do. It is kind of breaking my heart… But I am so glad that I could help her to borrow the money for the Queen Tour just now , that gave her so much. She did do and see more than most people during her too short life, that is for sure.. She was so full of life, energy, love and caring.

I do believe that she is still with us in her spirit - she is here now- in our hearts and she still will be in the future… She will be there for all of us when we need her, in our hearts- she will be at all the Queen concerts that will come for sure. She never wanted to miss a single one. She will find a way..

If souls meet after death- and I do believe that- she is probably trying to find a way to meet Freddie now- and I would not be surprised if she already has. It would have been just like her.. And we will all meet her again one day!

I loved that girl so much- we were so close. I do miss her so, as I know you do too.

She was so special.. I do believe that Michelle herself would have wanted us all to remember her with happiness.

So thank you to you all for all you maent for her! I think she would have wanted you all to know..thanks for starting her memorial page and to all of you that have written in it. It will also be such a great support and help for me- and I do believe a lot of us- to carry on with our lives.

Yesterday was Michelle's funeral. I think she appreciated it. At least I tried to make it as much as I could the way she would have wanted. It was a couple of hundred people there, so many flowers everywhere from her family and friends..It was so beautiful! And we played her Queen favorites, Brian May, Terry Jacks (her favourite from she was a little girl- maybe because he sang about Michelle), Pink Floyd (she loved them too) and Puff Daddy- which was a special greeting from her brother! We even got to her Moonlight Sonata – from her demo that she made herself just after a couple of months playing piano. The only thing I know would have made Michelle mad was that the sound technician did do a bad job with the speeches (the sound) and had a bad timing with starting the music but it gave me a smile.. When we got out the sun was shining- and I could feel her there.. It was a good feeling!!! Having Jens and Jamie there was so great too..They said some beautiful words in the ceremony, and after I got so many funny stories about Michelle from the tour! Thank you!!

And to you Michelle, my dearest girl and friend.. You have given me so much- we have done so much together- we have lived through so much together- We have always been there for each others..Thank you!!! You will always be a part of me! I have learned from you to live each day, and always to look at the bright side of life! Take care wherever you are .. I miss you so! Goodbye for now cutiepie! You will always live in my heart! One day we will be together again! Rest in peace!!!

With love to you all!


Michelle's mother

Michelle's father, Arne Bruheim, has been in contact with us. His email is as follows:-

Dear Sam, Alessia, Jamie, Daniel and Sarah.

I can't express how much I appreciate that you have made this beautiful web-site for our beloved Michelle. I will be writing a eulogy for the site later but in the meantime I'm hoping you can make the following information available:

Bye for now.

Michelles ever-loving Daddy

Arne Bruheim