A tribute to Michelle Bruheim


Queen-mad from QueenOnline

We would like to send a united message of support on behalf of all the Queen family to the Bruheim family. If you would like to donate some money towards flowers or a donation to a charity depending on the Bruheim family wishes. Any donation is welcome. We would be sending some flowers before the end of next week as its (more or less certainly) Michelles funeral on Friday 26th.

So if you will be donating please do this as soon as possible. We will send a small bunch of flowers and any remaining money will be kept and sent on the to family in accordance with their wishes to set up a trust fund to follow Michelles support for Aids Charities.

[Editor] I have to put this disclaimer: Donations are not connected with the hosting provider, registered owner or operator of this website. Donations are handled by Sam Poolton and as such you should contact her regarding any issues or grievances.